Causes Of Orthopedic Pain

Orthopedic pain can be quite uncomfortable to live with. It refers to pain resulting from musculoskeletal system issues including joints, bones, and nerves. Knowing the causes can help you try to avoid experiencing such pains, or at the very least try to reduce the pain. Below are some of the main causes of orthopedic pain.

Main causes of orthopedic pain


Arthritis refers to a condition that is usually characterized by aching, pain, and swelling joints. It tends to be quite common among people aged above 65 years, but it can affect anyone irrespective of age group. When suffering from arthritis, you are likely to have lots of limitations regarding physical activities that you can undertake. To help ease the pain, doctors will recommend some specific physical exercises, and if the condition worsens, surgery may be considered.


Rheumatoid refers to a disease that causes severe joint inflammation. The appearance of the affected joint will change in addition to lumps forming on it. The condition is also referred to as an autoimmune disorder, where healthy tissues of the body get attacked by its immune system. The condition should be monitored very closely as it can result in lots of damage to body cells and organs.


Osteoarthritis refers to a degenerative joint disease, which is quite common among middle-aged individuals and older adults. The cartilages around joints break down as you age, which eventually will begin to limit joint movement and cause some pain under normal functioning. This condition is worse for people who are extremely active such as sportsmen.


Fractures are a common occurrence, which causes lots of pain. The majority of patients who visit orthopedic clinics are those who have fractures. They can be either compound or open fractures and should be treated as soon as possible for the best results.

Back pain

There isugigtuit346354dfhcgh a wide variety of reasons that can result in back pain. However, whenever you feel back pain even with limited movement, you need to consult with an orthopedic to rule out any backbone related ailment.

Neck pain

Damage to the ligaments and muscles of the neck could be the main reason for neck pain. Abnormalities in the vertebrae can also cause severe neck pain.

Another general cause of orthopedic pain could be undertaking a strenuous activity. Overworking your body, in ways such as carrying heavy loads will probably result in your body having orthopedic problems.